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AI-Powered Visa Application Proofreading

Leverage top-class visa applications preparation insights.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.


Get Approved.

Millions of people have their temporary visas refused for unclear reasons every year.

Instant Benefits

Given our use of artificial intelligence and technology, there is no need to wait for anyone to review your forms and supporting documents.

Visa Expertise

Our technology leverages the expertise of lawyers with years of experience in immigration consulting services.


You are already paying a lot in document preparation and processing fees. Make sure it is the best application possible without breaking the bank.

How does it work?

Upload Your Documents

Upload to our platform all of your supporting documents that you wish to submit as part of your visa application package.

VisaCheck Analysis Process

The next step involves conducting a thorough examination to detect errors that do not conform to the general guidelines. It includes verification of missing documents, forms review, recommendations on how to increase your chances of approval.

Read the Report and Hit Submit

A comprehensive report highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and important errors of your visa application is generated. You may implement some of these changes yourself, or have them fixed by our tool automatically.

Expertise from

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Free Detection & Paid Fixes

It's affordable to get started and to proofread your important visa applications.

Basic Screening

This is the free tier, which doesn't cost anything

  • Forms Review
  • Missing Documents
  • Improvements Detection
  • Fixes & insights
Get Started

This product has all the features.

55$/ Visa Application
  • Forms Review
  • Missing Documents
  • Actionable Improvements
  • AI Click to Fix option
  • AI Document Generation Fix
  • Optional Lawyer Chat
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About Us

We are immigration legal experts who understand the importance of providing complete, well-supported, solid visa applications. Even one tiny mistake can lead to significant delays and refusals.

As a matter of fact, most visa applications for countries such as Canada, Australia and US are refused... crazy eh?

That is why we developed VisaCheck, a tool powered by AI and our immigration knowledge to quickly identify missing documents,
formatting errors, and other potential issues.


Frequently asked questions answered

How fast will I receive the results?

Given our cutting-edge technology and use of artificial intelligence we deliver our actionable insights and error detection report within minutes.

Which countries and visa types are covered?

We plan on quickly covering most popular visa applications around the world, with an emphasis on those requiring extensive document preparation such as temporary visas to Canada, United States and Australia.

How accurate are the results?

Error detections, insights and recommendations are based on the knowledge of experienced immigration lawyers and current visa regulations. However, AI may make mistakes and we encourage that you verify all of the findings.

Is this legal advice?

Although the insights and recommendations are based on the knowledge of experienced lawyers, all findings made by the tool are technology based and do not replace a consultation provided by human legal professionals.

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